Axles Lockers Driveshafts and U-joints … OUCH!

Jeff White AEV JKU Rubicon in the shop for repair

Jeep + Snow + Curb = A lot of problems!

Jeff got a hold of us in the Facebook Jeep groups with a HUGE estimate from the Jeep dealer … over $5000.  It was a pretty big list but no where near that much money was needed, we were able to complete the repairs for just under $1500 (including parts).

The dealership wanted $600 for a single replacement axle?  How about $250 for a pair of crumbly Dana 44 shafts.  And the fun didn’t stop there.  When we were replacing the axles we did a quick fluid change and found out that the differential had exploded.

What all needed done?

  • Bent Axle
  • Brakes on all four corners
  • New front driveshaft
  • Replace a disintegrated front axle u-joint
  • Replace the Trac Loc Differential in his rear Dana 44 due to the spiders exploding

So we started by tossing a dial indicator onto Jeff’s rear axle to check the runout on the flange.  Out of round by .050 (if you don’t know thats a LOT). So out came the rear axles and into the scrap heap they went, and in went a shiny new set of Alloy USA Chromoly Shafts From Randy’s Worldwide.  A few minutes to set the new bearings and then we installed a nice new set of new brake pads and rotors.

Inspection quickly showed a destroyed CV joint on his front driveshaft.  $75 on Craigslist and 10 minutes.  Check that off the list.

Last part onto the font axle shaft. The U-joint was more rust and dirt than metal, and there was no grease to be found.  I honestly can’t imagine how it didn’t detonate.  A few minutes with the shop press and a few turns of the wrench… good as new.

Just goes to show you how much damage a simple smack into a curb can cause.



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August 26, 2016