My Jeep Cherokee XJ needs a lot of work!

1988 Jeep Cherokee XJ Repair

One serious TO DO list!

James brought us his Jeep XJ with a long long list of things he had been meaning to get to, had slipped his mind, or just didn’t have the time for, due to life, kids and work. And he doesn’t let just anyone work on his Cherokee so the pressure was on.

Task 1… “Can you figure out why my Jeep stalls on the trail, with no waJeep Cherokee XJ Wiring Repairrning, and won’t start? …oh and the electric fan doesn’t work” Pop the hood, and … wow. There is more wiring than motor, and it’s all over the place. (Compliments of the original owner) And count ’em 200+ zip ties.

Out come the clippers, stripers, soldering iron, heat shrink, a no parking sign, and a lot of elbow grease and 4.5 hours of “hey where does this wire go.” We made him up a custom electronics tray and secured everything, while cleaning up and re-looming the wires.  Thanks to The Right Connections for all the supplies!

From there it was cleaning up the switch connections under the dash, repairing about 15 blown fuses, the stereo, lighting, subwoofer… on and on it went.  Including a mouse nest under the rear seat.

Next on the list.  “Leaking Front Differential” – Trail time had word every cover bolt down to nubs, and blown the seal.  So we took some .375″ wall dom, welded on some armor for the bolts, cleaned up the seal and filled it back up.

The rest of the list went just as smoothly:

  • Custom Exhaust
  • New Rear Pinion Seal (Thanks for the rush order
  • Transfer Case Service & Oil Change
  • Replace the Steering Heim Joints & Check all linkages

I have had electrical problems on the vehicle that nobody else had been able to figure out and he was able to track down and fix everything I knew about and more.Happy you trusted us with your XJ, and hope to see you on the trails! – James Johnson

Glad you trusted us with your baby!




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August 25, 2016