Say hello to an amazing Willy’s!

The OCD Offroad Team was brought into this project by the folks over at Extreme Custom Collision. Once they had resprayed the body and Rhino lined the tub, we took over the electrical, mechanical and safety aspects.


Our job started underneath which a complete refresh of the suspension.  We installed new springs, new shocks and shackles. The old springs went off to a local knife maker, and a bowie knife was given to the owner… don’t waste good vintage steel with a cool history!

Mechanical & Safety

Next up we addressed the damaged flywheel and starter, repaired the e-brake, brakes, brake lines, speedometer cable, mastery cylinder, clutch linkage, and just about everything else.

We moved onto the steering, rebuilding the bell crank, replacing all the tie rod ends, and making new steering links out of cast off pieces from a Jeep JK… keeping it all Jeep!

New tires and tubes too!  If you have never mounted Military Wheels and Tires… don’t it’s a wee bit of a pain.

After all that was said and done we tossed a few cool parts into the project.  Like making seatbelt retainers, and installing a set of 4 lap belts from a P38 Lightning.  We replaced the old tailgate chains, repaired the footman loops… tons more to list.

Electrical & 12v Conversion

The electrical and 12v conversion took a lot more thought.  We decided to leave the original controls for looks only, and redo the wiring front to rear.  All new grommets, wiring retainers, loom etc.  We installed an Eaton relay & fuse center to protect all the new items and replaced all the main power and grounds coming off the battery.  We retrofitted Jeep TJ brake switch and made adapters for the steering column to support real brake lights.  Next we gutted the original signal lights, removed the blackout parts, and converted them all too function as turn signals.  Those we controlled with a universal signal stalk used for side-by-sides.  All the gauges and fuel senders were then re-worked and rewired to function, and we had a Jeep that no longer required hand signals and was protected against shorts!


Enjoy a few photos of this amazing project!  (And of course give us a call if yours needs the spa treatment)