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My wife had ordered a lift kit from Rough Country and ended up trying to save some money and have my neighbor install it for us. Unfortunately this decision ended up getting my wife’s wrangler a very appropriate new name “Loose Nuts”. Problems with all of the loose nuts ended up becoming so severe, that I got to experience death wobble to the point that my steering stabilizer got shifted no longer allowing me to turn left. This Jeep is my wife’s daily driver, not just a fun on the weekends type of Jeep, so we needed it fixed immediately. My mechanic was out of town on vacation that I normally use, and taking it to the dealer, I didn’t have the option to take out a second mortgage, so I posted something in the Jeep Forums. Scott at OCD Offroad suggested I bring it by and he could take a look at it.

Well at the end of the day, “Loose Nuts” got tightened down from head to toe, along with some custom welding the track bar mounts onto the frame, and I had a blown out tie rod end. Scott took care of everything for me. It was AWESOME! I love my mechanic, but unless you get someone who know specifically the in’s and out’s of custom lifted jeeps, he didn’t know the specifics of what to look for and what needed to be done to fix it. Scott Did!

I wish I would have taken my lift kit to OCD Offroad when I got it and had him take care of me from the beginning. My wife is thrilled and so much more confident in her Jeep again. It’s almost like getting a brand new Jeep.

“Ohh this is what it is supposed to feel like driving a lifted Jeep” she told me. As we were new Jeepers, we assumed those were just some of the things that came along with a left until Scott fixed them.

I would highly recommend OCD Offroad to anyone looking to get custom work done, or if you don’t know where to start and are having problems, this place is great. Not only did I get my stuff fixed, I got one hell of a Jeep education out of the experience!

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Justin Sever

Scott helped me install an SYE in my NP231 and a 4:1 kit when I built my XJ on 36’s years ago. He even came to me! Can’t beat the knowledge and customer service. He does go above and beyond with his OCD-ness!
Michael Miller

Very knowledgable, the only person that has fabricated anything for my vehicle, and that is for a reason. I’d strongly recommend to anyone.
MasterPlumber Robert Richard

Scott fixed multiple problems with my Jeep XJ. I have had electrical problems on the vehicle that nobody else had been able to figure out and he was able to track down and fix everything I knew about and more. He also came up with creative solutions to fix my front diff cover bolts from being ground off from sliding over rocks. Scott went over my jeep with OCD like precision and now I’m confident that all the fluids are replaced with the correct types and that every nut on the vehicle has been torqued down properly. I highly recommend OCD offroad!!!

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James Matthew Johnson