Can you make my JK an MJ?

Our Customer came to us with a unique request.  Can we make his Jeep look like one he saw that the Egyptian Military uses…  yes… yes we can.

It all began with a sketch and a photo from google.  

Our customer had seen some very cool Egyptian Military Jeep Wranglers during his service, and he just had to have one.  So he brings us a bone stock sand colored JK, and we set to work!

Step 1.  The bumpers.  We had to have C Channel, with D rings, fit into and of course twine wrap.  And just to be absurd, we made them out of 1/4″… not going to bend those any time soon.  The front took a little extra effort to get the 75th Anniversary M8274 Warn Winch mounted securely.  The rear we made a custom tire carrier out of 1″x2″ .120 wall box, a m38 spare tire mount, and of course we fabbed in a Jerry Can mount.

Step 2.  Lighting.  Our customer went to surplus heaven and got all of the appropriate lighting, from the turns to the infrareds.  We painted it to match and made it all work.  Next we added in some JW Speaker headlights to match.  And because we wanted to be unique with the tails, and still be legal (the military setup is not) we Frenched the tails in to give it the right flavor.

Step 3.  All the right stuff.  We took the handles our customer got, had them paint matched and installed… and yes made the grab handles out of M16 carry handles.

Step 4.  The other little details.  From MOLLE seat covers, to eject stickers we had to round things out.  And because we hate how the square JK mirrors look against all the round headlights and other curves, we made mirror delete adapters that allow you to run Harley Davidson 4″ round mirrors.

There are a ton of other little touches you will spot, and a lot of custom work.  If you have any questions or want us to build you something, just drop us a line!  Contact Us